CMJ Band of the Day: Emmy the Great
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    This girl truly earns her moniker. As Emmy the Great, London-based (by way of Hong Kong) gem Emma-Lee Moss concocts tunes that relish her ability as one of the sharpest writers around. Her power emerges from a rare aptitude to divulge real feelings in a coherent setting. She captivates because of her innate sense of when to drown in self-judgment and afford herself reprieve. And how can you not commend the girl for writing the single most popular song about a pregnancy scare? (2009's "We Almost Had a Baby").

    Both ambitious and subsequently accomplished, her outright feminist-tinged anti-folk is full of ease and brash wit. Consumed by twenty-something ennui and the many permutations of heartache, Emma drafts narratives to surround us in a world of saccharine melodies. On the other side of the coin, her poetically obscured lyrics smartly showcase how being a hopeless romantic will soon be the death of her. Listening to Emmy the Great, we see a gorgeous cynicism forming in words and sounds. On "The Hypnotist's Son", she so succinctly unites spoiled romance with a stomach disorder. Her first effort First Love was released in 2009 and recently accompanied by Virtue, released this past summer, an allusion to a fiance that left her for another lady. Despite this, self-pity is absent from the song... Emma reconstructs her reality into something both affecting and disconnected.

    It would be an awful shame if you were to miss this massive talent at our CMJ showcase. So come out and watch her tales unfurl on our stage at Spike Hill this weekend.

    Baeblemusic Presents
    The Launch Pad
    Spike Hill, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    Steps from the L Stop on Bedford Ave
    1PM - 2AM, Doors at Noon
    $4 Beers
    RSVP for the event over at Eventbrite or Facebook.

    Stay tuned for more of our CMJ showcase acts, and see all of the one's we've already profiled here.

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