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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2010

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    Occasionally something really strikes me as different. Resonance in the music sphere is common, and plenty of jumbly guitars and distorted glo-fi are emotionally charged and interesting. But this rap is another kind of affecting. Sometimes art is as much aggression as it is communication, and this 10 man hip-hop collective is as much proof as any shock-value saturated material. These guys re-appropriate offensive symbols, rap about violence, rape, and never knowing their fathers, and have a general disregard for rules and opinions. But there is something compelling even in the darkest nooks of the human experience. Read on if you dare.

    OFWFKTA is a collection of not only rappers, but according to the Pitchfork article about them "producers, visual artists, skate kids, contrarians, outcasts, amoral teenagers, and fatherless children". Tyler, the Creator (the leader, it would seem) is a combination of a few of those archetypes, and he isn't afraid to show it.

    This video is weird. You've been warned. Lyrics NSFW is kind of a general rule here.

    Mostly I thought this was ridiculous, but a few lines in there really popped, so I kept going.

    The kids were called the "Vanguard of modern hip-hop", which is a lofty claim, but maybe not unfounded. All their music is free, and it's definitely worth more than that. It's as much of an experience as bungee jumping, or watching Kids. No one said music has to be relaxing or even settling, but even if they had, I doubt it would be different. These kids are out to destroy expectations and comfort zones.

    The download for Bastard, Tyler "Ace" Creator's most recent release/mixtape, is missing from the original download on the collective's site, but it's available here. I started looking after I heard this number, which honestly, is offensive, masterful, and made me want more. Check it out:

    OFWGKTA is a really confusing and interesting micro-rap movement. I could ramble some more but you get the gist. Dig deeper with this interview or just listen to the hours of free material on their Tumblr.

    Tyler says it on track one of Bastard, and we're compelled to comply: "I'm bad milk/drink it". -joe puglisi

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    Odd Future on Tumblr

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