what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2009

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    Spike Jonze was the artist of the weekend (somehow) commanding the attention of the tight-pantsed community with his new movie(s), it was confirmed that Jemina Pearl can beat you up, and a soon to be invaded city politely started thinking about CMJ.

    • Where The Wild Things Are opened on Friday. Karen O's weirdo soundtrack made (more) sense when set to the intense visuals, and the same people that dress up for Fever Ray shows probably wore wolf suits or giant monster heads at some point Thursday night. The movie fared well over the weekend, opening at about $32.5 million, thanks to an incredible promotional effort which was somewhat ironically focused on the trendsetting music community. After focusing on the Pitchfork's and Karen O's, we ask Mr. Jonze, why make a video documenting a drunken Kanye West talking to puppets? (the video has, since the time of this posting, disappeared from the internet).

    • Jemina Pearl's people confirmed she beat up a guy. Last week rumors floated about Pearl making some heckler bleed for smoking, rude comments, and generally disturbing her show in Detroit. On Friday an official statement revealed "she made that guy bleed, and he was kicked out." Read her version of the story, including the nice gesture of firing a warning shot via a bottle of water to the head, here.

    • CMJ starts tomorrow. The wires were surprisingly quiet about the annual band-splosion that is CMJ, and with the fest kicking off tomorrow (or in some unofficial cases, tonight), we were expecting more than Brooklyn Vegan announcing ANOTHER curated show (that makes three they've wrangled up, two being on the same night, this one being super-ultra-hipsclusive). This editor may be running around like a lunatic, but we've got a gaggle of artists rolling through the Baeble house for guest apartments, so stay tuned for tons of new videos and pictures. Get out your running shoes because THIS IS MARATHON.

    What is happening this week? This week is CMJ, I just said that. I know it's Monday. Get some coffee.-joe puglisi

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