4 Songs from Rick and Morty that Blew Up
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    The vulgar, nihilistic, animated hit show "Rick and Morty" has a habit of drawing bigger crowds than anyone expects. First of all, there was its own astronomical popularity. What started as a senselessly gross parody of "Back to The Future" has transformed into a well-developed series that had 9 million viewers in its first season and has, in just 3 seasons, become the #1 most watch TV show by millennials.

    Then, there's random, strange little reminders about how far fans will go for the show, such as the McDonalds Szechuan sauce crisis last year, when McDonalds agreed to bring the sauce back for one day after it was referenced in the show, but GREATLY underestimated how far fans would go for a stupid joke- The sauce eventually started selling on eBay, sometimes for up to $14,000. (c'mon people).

    So, with the obvious mania surrounding the show, maybe it's not that surprising to hear that songs from Rick and Morty tend to do really well. Plus, the fan dedication is aided and encouraged by the Rick and Morty creators, who put all their music on Spotify and who regularly work with talented producers. But it's still weird to hear about a song called "Terry Folds" charting on Billboard.

    Yeah, that happened. Here are 4 times original Rick and Morty songs got wayyyy too popular. (Or perhaps just popular enough)

    Terry Flaps

    Terry Flaps was a song featured in the season 3 episode "Rest and Ricklaxation." And it's… weird. So weird. Strangely smooth and calming but also… wtf? It features Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland singing, and, well, he's really not a singer. More importantly, he's singing about Terry Flaps. Which... I don't know any better than you do, okay? And yet, it charted at #33 when it was released.

    The song was co-written and produced by indie-synth band Chaos-Chaos. Their sound is sweet and unique- they're actually a serious and quite talented duo. And yet, their most popular song "Do You Feel It" was featured in a (particularly dark) scene of Rick and Morty and every single comment underneath the video is about that episode. Which, at least to me, indicates that most of its success stems from the show.

    Because of the haunting beauty of the song, I'm not really sure how I would feel about that, but Chaos Chaos has clearly embraced it, and why not? "Do You Feel It" has 10 times the amount of views as their next most popular song, so we'll count this one as a win.

    Goodbye Moonmen

    Not to be left behind, the very first song featured in a Rick and Morty episode has also achieved a weird amount of success, this time in the form of fan covers. The David Bowie inspired "Goodbye Moonmen," was featured in "Mortynight Run" and sung by a telepathic ball of gas named "fart." Adult Swim, of course, felt the need to extend the scene to make a full music video.

    And then the internet got ahold of it. People started recreating it on piano, on guitar, on ukulele, in Spanish. It's a joke song of course, because everything in Rick and Morty is a joke, but the lyrics aren't as outlandish as most of the other tracks in the show (ahem, see above), so it… kind of works? Like, if I found these covers and had no idea of the context, I wouldn't question it.

    Human Music

    Canti, a rather obscure producer who creates dreamy electronic tunes, released a song based on a relatively obscure reference from Rick and Morty. And it blew up.

    Fir those unfamiliar, in the scene Morty's consistently fumbling and dumb father Jerry has no idea that he is in a comically bad simulation run by aliens. He declares that he likes the bleeps and bloops that apparently count as music in this simulation . Canti took the Bloops and turned them into an vibe-y, calm, and honestly sort of beautiful song. The song now has well over 10 times as many views as any other song on his Spotify. There's also a ten hour version and a 24 hour version on YouTube, just in case you just can't get enough.

    Many others, including bass producer Esseks and bass producer Monxx, also released their own remixes of the "song."

    Get Schwifty

    I was going to end this article without mentioning "Get Schwifty," but it just felt wrong. Of course the most constantly referenced and instantly recognizable (and unquestionably terrible) song from the show has a ton of remixes, and many of them have millions of views.

    Honestly there's so much more material to cover here. I didn't even run through of Rick and Morty's original songs, let alone the bajillion fan remixes of the show. But I hope there's enough material her to help you start to... Get Schwifty. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

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