WTF WEEKLY: Katy Perry Gives Robert Pattinson Breakup Advice + MORE
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Gucci Mane married Keyshia Ka'oir on live TV.

    When people are in love, they feel this big need to tell the whole world, which I understand, but rapper Gucci Mane and model Keyshia Ka'oir took it to a whole new level when they decided to get married live on BET. The couple aired everything leading up to the wedding in their 10-part series, Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir: The Mane Event - ah, nothing more romantic than having your wedding also air to the entire world as the grand finale of your reality TV show!

    The whole thing took place at The Four Seasons in Miami and cost $1.7 million dollars - paid for by BET presumably. The guest list included some fame hungry celebs according to People: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Karrueche Tran, Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko. And everyone was required to wear white. White? Isn't that what the bride is supposed to wear? Oh, don't you worry… The bride was sporting an entirely different beast:

    Mrs Davis #1017

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    Yep, Keyshia decided to slather herself in crystals. She even swapped flowers for diamonds in her humble bouquet. Don't go to Cartier in the hopes of buying something, 'cause this chick bought 'em out.

    And because the whole thing was, you know, aired on national television, nobody was quiet about it on social media either. BET interviewed some close friends and family during the event that were seriously cringeworthy. Particularly this one:

    Yes Kim, PLEASE keep talking about how much sex you have right in front of your daughter. Someone grab me a bucket.

    Congratulations to @laflare1017 and @keyshiakaoir #TheWopsters

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    We told yall it was an all white diamond studded affair ?? #TheWopsters wedding is on its way! =

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    2. Katy Perry is helping Robert Pattinson through his break up with FKA Twigs.

    If you're a loyal reader of WTF, you'll know that my world ended when the news about Fergie and Josh Duhamel splitting broke. It's safe to say that I had a very similar reaction to Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs splitting. Sure, it's been a rumor for a while, but now that it's actually kind of true?! I always indulged in the "what if" and "maybe it's not true" idea, but it is. After three years of love, Mom and Dad are done. The couple that stood against all of the racist FKA haters... the couple that got engaged... just couldn't seem to make it all the way through. People are blaming his ex-vampire girlfriend Kristen Stewart for the breakup but c'mon guys, she's gay.

    I know who the real person to blame here is… Yes, suddenly that intimate dinner RPatz had with Katy Perry a few months back sounds waaay more suspicious!

    A source said:

    "They talk on the phone regularly and make sure to see each other when they both aren't away working. Katy has always been a good friend to Rob over the years and has been there for him emotionally.

    Although they have been flirtatiously romantic, they have still remained good friends. Rob loves that Katy is a free spirit and she has given him good advice when it comes to relationships."

    Okay, so obviously this "flirtatious friendship" is going to turn into a relationship, and then it's all going to come crashing down on them. It's not going to end well. RPatz isn't Katy's type - she needs someone a little more obnoxious and outspoken with a bit of an asshole vibe - like Russell Brand or John Mayer.

    A flirty friend who is especially there for you after you and your GF break up sounds like they may have even friendlier intentions, if you know what I mean.

    If RPattz was to make the decision between Katy and FKA based off their music though, FKA is a clear winner. I mean, "swish swish, bish"? Is that really someone you want to get to know better?

    3. Marilyn Manson still isn't done with Justin Bieber.

    First Marilyn hates Justin, then he loves Justin, and now he hates him again. Looks like Marilyn constantly injuring himself on stage wasn't enough to up album sales, so he's gone back to his original method of throwing Biebz under the bus.

    According to Billboard:

    Marilyn Manson's rocky relationship with Justin Bieber took another turn in a recent interview where he told The Scully Show that he doesn't know why the pop star wore his merch "because I don't know how to use the mind of a squirrel."

    "He's in some sort of sexual religious cult with an Asian version of Dave Navarro, apparently," Marilyn said. "The guy doesn't wear a shirt… But no, I don't like to fight with girls, so I don't want to fight with Justin Bieber."

    Asian Dave Navarro? Excuse me while I go cry from laughing way too hard. I'm pretty sure he's talking about this guy:

    A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

    Honestly, I'm exhausted after talking about Marilyn so much. I heard he's not a nice person. I do have to say though, the thought of Marilyn actively keeping up with Bieber's Instagram account is hilarious.

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