Now Playing: The Charming Chemistry of The Saint Johns
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Tacos. They truly bring the world together. Case in point. When Jordan Meredith met Louis Johnson at a Taco Tuesday soiree a few years back it would mark the beginning of a musical partnership that has culminated in The Saint John's wonderful new album, Dead Of Night.

    The duo, who originally hail from Florida, somewhat recently relocated to Nashville TN (after a long stint in NYC), and their newest album sounds like the perfect combination of the two. The album falls in the realm of what you could call Southern-friend, folk-rock. But songs like "Testifier" and "Lost The Feeling" are punched up with syrupy, sun-streaked, pop production. "We wanted the opportunity to rock," Jordan recently explained during the band's stop at Baeble. "Let's bring in a full band, let's make it bump!"

    While the album definitely "bumps", the band's new NEXT session strips things down to the bare essentials, revealing the chemistry The Saint Johns' share. Throughout performances of "Blood Red Fever", "Keeping The Night", and "Testifier", their voices are locked in beautifully lilting harmonies, as they sway back and forth in unison. No, the two are not romantically connectedthey're happily married/engaged to other people. Thanks for asking. But their musical connection is unbreakable. "What makes The Saint Johns the Saint Johns is the fact that it has both of our voices in it," explained Jordan. "If I went out and tried to perform a Saint Johns' song on my own, it would be a nightmare", joked Louis. Luckily, we don't have to worry about that. Thank god for Tacos.

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