Premiere: KNTRLR's Potluck Single 'CCA'
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    As you can surely imagine, we receive hundreds of emails from publicists attempting to lure attention to their bands with brutally cutesy 'sounds like' sales pitches by figuratively marrying opposing well-known artists' sounds. You can imagine where we file these gems. One group's use of this kitsch, however, recently grabbed our attention. Rather than tell us who they thought they sounded like, Brooklyn-based KNTRLR did the complete opposite. According to their bio:

    "A less pissed off Death Grips, The Walkmen with electronic drums and synths, a more pissed off Vampire Weekend, a less adorable Chvrches, a less progy Battles, a less bluesy Tom Waits, a less gothy NIN."

    With mystery surrounding what the hell this duo consisting of 'Charles and Michael' was creating, we were inclined to dig deeper, only to discover that they are truly are unleashing remarkably unfamiliar tones. Within their single "CCA" we're taken on a roller coaster ride from New Wave and DEVO-fueled electronic tones to Ramstein-esque growls. It's truly a unique experience. Listen below:

    The group plans to release their debut LP late winter/early spring 2014.

    KNTRLR Upcoming Shows:

    Oct. 18th - Goodnight Records Showcase at Gutter (Brooklyn)
    Oct. 18th (midnight) - Aputumpu Showcase at Muchmore's (Brooklyn)
    Oct. 28th - Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    Nov. 5 - JR's bar in Philly
    Nov. 8 - Clash Bar in Clifton NJ

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