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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010

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    EVERYTHING IS RERUNS. Due to some people still having jobs with paid vacations or something (I thought that sh*t was like unicorns?) we have a weeks worth of nothing new while the staff of Leno drive their bad jokes off a cliff (I wish) and everyone else in late night spends time contemplating what will happen when Conan shows up again. It's all good, Kimmel knows he is like fifth fiddle in the ratings so he lined up a pretty killer week of newness. DVR that jam and meet me on the corner of Ludlow and Rivington, where I will be slugging whiskey and eating a slice of buffalo chicken pizza for the next five days #thingsthathappenduringCMJ

    Anyways, if you want to see some new late night, you have a few options.

    MONDAY (10/18): MGMT (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

    TUESDAY (10/19): Die Antwoord (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

    WEDNESDAY (10/20): Mumford and Sons (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

    Yeah, that's about it! See you in the trenches. -joe puglisi

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