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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010

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    Ke$ha recently threw down a (sort of) club banger that will be enjoyed by everyone from 13 year olds to the cast of Jersey Shore. Apparently this one has some deep meaning to it. According to, the song was inspired by the (direct quote) "recent rash of suicides among gay youth". With lyrics like "Got that glitter on my eyes/Stockings ripped all up the side/Lookin' sick and sexified," she really gets her message across!

    Oh, and listen to those vocal effects. Each line of the chorus ends with the final syllable being chopped and delayed in a sort of rhythmic fashion. Ke$ha's desire to be real must explain the final product sounding a lot like a girl dry-heaving in the bathroom at a club getting an A in Spanish after being fed too much cocaine rainbows and grey goose abstinence (listen for the "body's goin' numb" line read a book).

    Listen to the new track on Ryan Seacrest's website (ha. also ugh). Sponsored by Hefty and my nightmares.-brendan mehan

    10/19 UPDATE: Get the track for free for the next 24 hours at Kesha's website.

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    Ke$ha on Myspace

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