8 Songs To Send To Your Ex Best Friend  A World Of Pain
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Three years ago, one of our people put together a video listicle for our YouTube Channel titled "8 Songs to Send to Your Ex Best Friend." The video / post started its life with us as a listicle with 9 songs but OG Mean Girl Taylor Swift's people objected to "Mean Girls" being in the post so it got whittled to 8 songs.

    This was a minor post with a YouTube list video put out as part of an everyday editorial cycle. We hoped the video would do well and the post along with it. The post on the site earns SEO driven page views everyday and the video on YT plays a couple of hundred times per day. Certainly not a viral star by any stretch of the imagination but what the video has uncovered in the comments is a world of pain and betrayal that can be wrenching to read.

    This is the video – as a refresher:

    These are a selection of recent comments:

    It just keeps going and going.....

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