10 Must Listens by Jessie Ware
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Jessie Ware is a high-key goddess. With her soulful vocals and honest songwriting, she constantly challenges herself to connect with a deeper sense of truth within herself and in her music. When this British singer-songwriter emerged in 2012 with her debut album Devotion, I thought, how can she top this? And then she did with her second album Tough Love. With much anticipation for her third album Glasshouse (releasing on October 20th), let's look back on 10 of her best songs.

    1. "Midnight"

    This one is on the top of my list, and should be on yours too. There's something hauntingly enticing about this track. It's an exploration of desire and fantasy, and Jessie pours out her heart and soul. She flips between bone-chilling falsetto and ultra-powerhouse vocals, highlighting her tremendous abilities as a singer. The production is killer too, full of creepy synths and soulful rhythms.

    2. "Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe"

    Jessie teamed up with Miguel to write this track from her second studio album, Tough Love. We've all gone back and forth with how much we miss our ex-lover, and Jessie sums it up so accurately. The chorus repeats "Kind of...sometimes...maybe." The catchy melody and relatable lyrics have made it one of my personal favorites, and it's one of Jessie's favorites too.

    3. "Sam"

    Jessie strips it down in this introspective song about motherhood and her husband, Sam. The transparency on this track is beautiful. The minimalistic instrumentals coincide stunningly with its bittersweet tone. We really get a glimpse into Jessie's past and present here, as she sings "And I hope I'm as brave as my mother / Wondering what kind of mother will I be? / I hope she knows that I found a man far from my Father / Sam, my baby, and me."

    4. "Say You Love Me"

    Written with Ed Sheeran, Ware bares all in this ascending ballad. The lyrics evoke passion and longing, as she sings in the second verse, "Want to feel burning flames when you say my name / Want to feel passion flow into my bones / Like blood through my veins." At the bridge, a choir joins and the result is powerful. The popularity of the song is evident amongst aspiring singers, as contestants on both The Voice and The X-Factor have covered it.

    5. "Alone"

    Released as a single off of her upcoming album Glasshouse (out on October 20th), this sultry power ballad shows off Ware's soulful vocals. In a press release she said, "It's a song about stealing time with your loved one, and longing for the simple declaration that they want the same." The chorus encapsulates an intimate longing "Say that you're the one who's taking me home / Cause I want you on my skin and my bones / Knocking me off of my feet / Just say I'm the one that you need."

    6. "Wildest Moments"

    Off of her debut studio album, Devotion, "Wildest Moments" was released in 2012 to high, high acclaim. And we can hear why. Colorful percussive sounds complement Ware's sultry vocals, as she claims, "Baby in our wildest moments, we could be the greatest." The music video is simple, featuring Ware sitting against a plain background, as she rotates around. Not the most visually intricate, but who cares with a song like this?

    7. "Selfish Love"

    This single is a bit of a departure from Ware's other work, but I'm all about it. The song gives us bossa-nova flavor and femme fatale energy. Jessie even recorded a Spanish version of this song entitled "Egoista," which feels fitting with its strong salsa vibes. Check out the accompanying music video - it's darkly sexy and ends with a bang. Literally.

    8. "All on You"

    Off of the deluxe version of Tough Love, this song impresses with its groovy soundscape and textured vocals. Telling her lover that "it's all on you," this track fits in well with the record's theme of "tough love." Way to go with this bonus track, Jessie.

    9. "Running"

    This song starts off with a grungy intro. The airy atmosphere complements Ware's breathy but resonant vocals, giving off a dreamy and mysterious tone. The chorus' drum loop was based on Prince's "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker." Jessie tells us she's "Ready to Run / Ready to Fall / Think I'm ready to lose it all."

    10. "Keep on Lying"

    Jessie shows off her distinctly silky smooth vocals in this colorful track. Her voice glides effortlessly amongst catchy instrumentals and beats. There is a fluidity and surrealness to the track that maintains a uniquely fresh feel.

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