Naughty Professor and Chali 2na Fuse Jazz and Hip-Hop at Brooklyn Bowl
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016

    • Posted by: India Allouche

    Getting funky with @naughty_professor x @chali_2na at Brooklyn Bowl last night.

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    New Orleans based sextet, Naughty Professor, heightened all of our senses at Brooklyn Bowl last night. Over the past couple of weeks, Naughty Professor and Chali 2na have been on a collaborative tour. Chali 2na was originally part of underground West Coast rap group, Jurassic 5. The show consisted of Chali 2na's old school hip-hop beats and lyrics with Naughty Professor's funky instrumentals.

    Naughty Professor's horn section, also referred to as the "Naughty Horns," had the audience, including press, busting moves across the Brooklyn Bowl dance floor as if no one was watching. It was like Mardi Gras.

    A little less than halfway through their set, Naughty Professor brought singer Sasha Masakowski to the stage. I was taken aback by her super confident nature. It isn't very often where an up-and-coming singer acts like Beyonce, and can get away with it. However, she did get away with it. She was extremely genuine and cool. Sasha brought a more pop aspect to the show. For one song, her voice was altered to a robotic chipmunk sound controlled through a synthesizer.

    While a lot of the songs performed last night were brand new collaborative tunes, there were a couple memorable throwbacks in their set. Naughty Professor played "Brain Storm" from their 2015 album, Out On A limb. This super funky song always highlights the talents of the members of the Naughty Horns: Nick Ellman, Ian Bowman, and John Culbreth.

    Chali Tuna sang, "Lock Shit Down" and "Comin' Thru," from his 2009 album, Fish Outta Water. He brought an old school hip-hop vibe that took the performance to a whole new level. He was charming and friendly as he pumped up the crowd.

    Naughty Professor consists of Nick Ellman, alto and baritone saxophones; Ian Bowman, tenor saxophone, John Culbreth, trumpet; Bill Daniel on guitar; Sam Shahin on drums; and Noah Young on the bass. Their three albums, In the Flesh (live), Until the Next Time and Out on a Limb are worth listening to, even though I believe no record can come close to seeing them live.

    I had seen Naughty Professor play in New Orleans at least three times, so seeing them years later in Brooklyn was a pleasure. I felt like I was back at home, where pretty much all live music derives from some sort of Jazz or Funk genre. Their sound is reminiscent of all things New Orleans, and honestly, who doesn't love everything about New Orleans?

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