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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2014

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    BRONCHO is garage punk with sugar thrown at it, violently. BRONCHO is Iggy and The Stooges in a fight club with the Beach Boys. BRONCHO is kind of like the The Strokes if they were a little more like The Ramones. Look, there are infinite ways to throw around adjectives masked as genres, and comparisons to rock icons in order to get you to pay attention to BRONCHO, but if you're tuning in out of the blue with a short attention span then pull the trigger and introduce yourself:

    At 3:32, "Class Historian" (adjective posturing: a tommy gun assault of deliciously punk flavored rock pop), is one of the longest tracks on their 32 minute record Just Enough Hip To Be Woman. I can promise you quality—it's a fun fucking record. It sounds like London Calling, if Beck was a member of The Clash—I can toss out all sorts of industry credibility—"It's On," off JEHTBW, was featured in the season 3 premiere of a little show called Girls, and they go on tour with Billy fucking Idol in January—what I can't do is make you stream Just Enough Hip To Be Woman on Spotify, or buy it on iTunes while you read our equally brief, ether-orchestrated, wry, and insightful Q&A. I can, however, strongly recommend you do so.

    Disclaimer: It's an email Q&A, so "[ ]" indicates text that BRONCHO didn't get a chance to respond to.

    "Class Historian" is the breakout hit of Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, did you see that one coming? Do you have a different favorite track on the album?

    I really like "Stop Tricking", it's really short and to the point. It was the first song that changed things up when we were in the middle of making the record. "Class Historian" is a song that I've had for a few years, and even played it way slow by myself for a long time. It always made sense in my mind to speed it up and make it a BRONCHO song. Once we started playing it live it took on this new energy.

    Where did the name of the album come from? I guess I'm asking, who is Deena? and how much hip has she got? ... Have you guys come across anyone who has taken offense to the title?

    We're not at a place yet where we've met anyone who's offended by us. I think anyone who's offended hasn't heard of us yet. They don't yet have the energy to come out and give us shit. I like picturing them in bed, sleeping comfortably, not knowing that we exist...

    Anyway, the album title is something that seemed ambiguous enough that it could be provocative, unisex, transgender, bisexual, sexual, non-sexual depending on the person who reads it. It gives the individual the option for their own interpretation and in the end takes that off of us.

    Deena don't give a shit. She's pretty hip.

    [You're pretty hip.]

    Both your records are short and sweet, but maintain a pretty consistent energy, does that come from your energy as a band? or have you guys done a lot of cutting?

    The songs are naturally pretty short. It makes the most sense to us to get in and out of songs as quick as possible and on to the next thing. Sometimes you can get away with more when you get in and out.

    [Heh. heh heh. Yo, don't even bate me like that.]

    There are a million genre classifications floating around out there, classify yourselves in no more than 3 words.

    Evil-garage trance pop


    You've been compared to bands like the Beach Boys, Iggy and the Stooges, and Cheap Trick. Did you draw from any of them as influences? Anyone you feel like should be mentioned, but hasn't yet?

    All of these are definitely influences. Beach Boys and Iggy for sure. They both have been huge influences on me. We went a little Dire Straits on this record at times, and I don't hear them get mentioned, but Dire Straits are definitely on this record.

    What's the journey from your first LP to your second LP been like? Your sound hasn't quite shifted gears, but it seems like you've grown into it a little bit, grown into anything else? Or out of anything for that matter?

    Ever since we finished the first record the songwriting had been progressing towards where it is now, and same with the songs for the next record. The most important thing is to entertain ourselves. A lot of it came natural without having to talk about this record being anything other than the songs we had written. Of course there was the discussions about production. But we recorded it much like the way we recorded the first record. We did a few different things when we mixed down, but overall both processes were pretty similar. Everything still fits the same, same body type, same appetite. Similar hair lines.

    Is there a question that you never get asked in an interview that you'd really like the opportunity to answer? What is it?... and what's your answer?

    I haven't thought of one. I would like to think I have something to say beyond what Im being asked, but to tell you the truth, maybe I don't. Maybe I only have what is given me. Only that which is provided can I speak of. Only that which is supplied may I take. Only what is brought forth, might I grab and give back.

    Just Enough Hip To Be Woman is out now via Dine Alone Records, go get it.

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