10 Best Shows Yet To Come At CMJ
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    We're in the middle of CMJ's Music Marathon and so far the showcases have been full of both fresh and established talent. If you're wondering which shows you should make your way out to here is a list of 10 upcoming ones that are bound to be amazing, and they start this afternoon!

    10. Au Revoir Simone, Thursday Oct. 17 2:00PM at Judson Memorial Church

    Brooklyn trio, Au Revior Simone will be playing for KEXP this afternoon at Judson Memorial Church. The three female bandmates create a dreamy sound full of synth, keyboards and layered vocals, and with their latest album Move in Spectrums, these girls are turning heads and getting the attention they deserve. Here's a track from the album that we're hoping to hear this afternoon!

    9. Here We Go Magic, Thursday Oct. 17 10:00PM at Heath at McKittrick Hotel

    Singer-songwriter Luke Temple creates an ambient aura in all of his songs, leading the band to be labeled as psychedlic electro-folk. The five-piece group will be playing at the intimate, smokey Heath venue in Chelsea's McKittrick Hotel. Be sure to check out Temple's solo act at Baeble's own CMJ showcase.

    8. Diane Birch, Thursday Oct. 17 10:30PM at Gramercy Theater

    Diane Birch is a soulful-singing, piano-playing artist based in Brooklyn with her upcoming sophomore album, Speak a Little Louder just released this week. Birch says her new album will show fans a different side of herself, and from what we've heard, we can admirably agree. Listen to the title track from the album below and catch the show Thursday:

    7. Real Estate, Thursday Oct. 17 11:00PM at Bowery Ballroom

    With happy tones perfect for daydreaming, Real Estate makes songs that never get old and can go with almost any feeling. They've been working on their third LP so if we're lucky we'll hear some of it on CMJ weekend!

    6. The Dismemberment Plan, Friday Oct. 18 2:00PM at Judson Memorial Church

    The four piece band coming from Washington, DC released their first single in 1994 and continued to make new music until splitting up in 2003. But, several years later the band announced they were re-forming in 2011 and have since put out a new album Uncanney Valley earlier this year.

    5. Milagres, Friday Oct. 18 8:00PM at Living Room

    This Brooklyn-based band has been putting out hazy, electronic songs since their debut album Glowing Mouth was released in 2011, and continued to develop their magic in Seven Summits. They've been working on a third album, and according to their website, we'll be able to preview some of the new songs next weekend when they play at the intimate Living Room.

    4. Eleanor Friedberger, Friday Oct. 18 11:00PM at Bowery Ballroom

    Eleanor Friedberger's 70s-styled songs are simple, catchy, and full of smokey melodies. You may know her as being one half of The Fiery Furnaces, with the other half being her brother Matthew Friedberger, but since the summer of 2010 Eleanor has been making her own music, releasing two albums, Last Summer in 2011 and Personal Record this past March.

    3. North Highlands, Saturday Oct. 19 9:30PM at Living Room

    Another band hailing from nearby Brooklyn is the five-piece North Highlands. Brenda Malvini's cheerful vocals sing atop guitar-driven rhythms, ranging from sweet songs to belting ballads that you can't help but sing along to. With only one LP under their belt, Wild One, and a couple singles released this past summer, we're hoping Brenda and co. continue to make more ear-pleasing tunes.

    2. Father John Misty, Saturday Oct. 19 10:00PM at Music Hall of Williamsburg

    Father John Misty, aka Joshua Tillman, is a singer-songwritier whose performance is not for the faint of heart. His on-stage ramblings and brazen attitude, however, do not overshadow the fact that he is one of the today's most prolific songwriters. We make sure to catch his shows every time he visits town, as we never know if he'll find his way back.

    1. Arcade Fire, Saturday Oct. 19 8:00PM at 299 Meserole St. in Brooklyn

    The seven-piece, multi-instrumental mega band announced a surprise showing in Brooklyn last week, with the shows selling out after limited fans got first access in 30 seconds. Instead of "Arcade Fire," the show is under the name "The Reflektors" and concert goers are required to wear either formal attire or costumes. For those of you who were lucky enough to grab a ticket, the show is likely to be mind-blowing and one of kind, as it's being held in a 25,000 square foot warehouse, so be sure to dress the part! Although it's not affiliated with CMJ, this show has to make the list.

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