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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2008

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    More often than not in the music industry, the loss of a band member can literally be dismembering to a band's lifespan. Once in awhile though, the adverse effect takes place, and sometimes a band can rediscover itself and chart its way into new and exciting musical territory (Joy Division's transformation into New Order is a prime example).

    For Oklahoma folk artists Kunek, the loss a member correlated with a brand new path of musical introspection. Equipped with a new sound and a new identity, the remaining members re-baptized themselves into their current incarnation, Other Lives.

    The impending release of their self-titled debut is a five song exercise in evocative melancholy. Soncially, The EP paints a lush wall of strings and percussion that borrows heavily from the Phil Spectre school of production. Front man Jesse Tabish coos his way through the rich orchestration with a haunting lament that feels its way through tangled songs about love and loss. Paper Cities carves its way into the Damien Rice section of your hippocampus, and sounds like the soundtrack to accompany your stare through a rain soaked window (it should be mentioned these guys already got a track onto Grey's Anatomy).

    Keep an eye out for their self-titled EP to be released October 21st on tbd records.

    tour dates:
    Oct 15 - Eskimo Joe's - Stillwater, Oklahoma
    Oct 17 - VZD'S - OKC, Oklahoma
    Oct 18 - Mojo's - Columbia, Missouri
    Oct 21 - Schuba's - w/The Little Ones - Chicago, Illinois
    Oct 22 - CMJ - The Canal Room (ASCAP Showcase) - New York, New York
    Oct 24 - CMJ - Mercury Lounge - New York, New York
    Oct 31 2008 - 51st Street Speakeasy w/The Uglysuit - Oklahoma City
    Nov 7 - Spaceland - Los Angeles, California
    Nov 10 - Chop Suey w/ The Little Ones - Seattle, Washington
    Nov 11 - Doug Fir Lounge w/The Little Ones - Portland, Oregon
    Nov 14 - The Echo w/The little Ones - Los Angeles, California
    Nov 15 - Detroit Bar w/The Little Ones Costa Mesa, California

    myspace: other lives @ myspace
    mp3: other lives:: paper cities - debut ep

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