Screaming Females' 'Glass House' Is A Tale of Two Tracks
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    After releasing the first single "Black Moon" off their upcoming album All At Once in late September, New Jersey rock outfit Screaming Females debuted their second single today, entitled "Glass House".

    "Glass House" lacks most of the teeth and attitude displayed in "Black Moon", opening with a significantly slower and deliberate manner. A steady and simple bassline is occasionally punctuated by a sharp and swift guitar riff, and drums, while intentionally subdued and intended to be complementary, seem to be almost an afterthought. Singer Marissa Paternoster's vocals are the obvious center of attention, and while certainly powerful and with a wide dynamic range, there is a certain feeling of melodrama to everything. Ballad-esque in its delivery, the first three-quarters of the song are a rock opera that takes itself too seriously, or doesn't take itself seriously enough. Regardless, it does drag to the point of trying patience.

    The end of the track does deliver though, and I'm not trying to crack wise saying that because it's the end. The lofty highs that most of the song seemed to aspire to are reached, and life and vitality suddenly seem to spring into spaces that were previously devoid of any. Paternoster nails her highs with a veteran sense of self-assuredness, and the rest of the band awakens with a fury that actually rocks and rolls. Perhaps what is needed in "Glass House" is the ability to listen as the song takes its time to find its footing before taking off. I just wish it could have found it a little bit sooner.

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