Dreezy, 6LACK, and Kodak Black Take The Gloves Off With New Track 'Spar'
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Trump's America has inspired a second scathing critique from the hip-hop community this week, this time from rap femme-fatale Dreezy with features by Kodak Black and 6lack. Following Eminem's freestyle diss last week at the BET awards, the trio, headed by Dreezy, set their sights on Trump and institutional racism in the United States with the new track "Spar". Nothing against Em's freestyle, but this track feels especially poignant coming from three young and inspired black artists.

    6lack opens the track up, backed by a low-key synth and drum track, with his ambitions for his daughter, and his recognition that he can't afford to be apathetic in today's political landscape. Instrumentally, the track is somber, but there is a certain resolution in the trio's verses and tone. Instead of shrinking in the face of the challenges they face, they rise up to meet them head up. "Scar" is more than just a rap against Trump, it's a bonding experience for those involved.

    Dreezy takes the middle verse, reflecting on race relations and black representation in America, lamenting preconceived notions that people hold against her because of where she's from. The disparity in racial representation in America is highlighted especially in her verses as she confronts the reality of white supremacists holding positions of power in government.

    Kodak Black closes out the track with probably his most politically conscious track to date. Though he touches a bit on conspiracy theories with weather control, he styles himself after Kunta Kinte, the man who resisted his enslavement in Alex Haley's novel Roots.

    While "Spar" doesn't shy away from calling out numerous injustices, and making very clear who it's about, it's definitely more than just a list of grievances. By vocalizing their hopes, fears and feelings, the three emcees become a voice for the many, and "Spar" becomes a communal catharsis.

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