All Of The Times Ed Sheeran Suffered Weird Injuries
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    With an Instagram post today, Ed Sheeran broke the news (get it?) that he broke his arm in "a bit of a bicycle accident." He further shared that he's currently waiting on some medical advice which might affect upcoming shows. However, me thinks with a cast like that - whether or not the doctors give Ed the wisest words of wisdom - he's not going to be able to strum a guitar in the immediate future. The "Shape of You" singer's latest injury has us wondering, is Ed maybe the most injured singer-songwriter ever? Not to be insensitive, but a broken heart isn't the only thing he's suffered from. This photo of his cast-wearing arm gives us flashbacks to all of the other times the singer has gotten a boo-boo - you'd think he has a death wish. Let's take a look at those other pains.

    1. That time he sliced open his hand on glass at a bar in 2013.

    Maybe we should be more worried about Ed, because while on tour with Taylor Swift four years ago, he was doing karaoke with Gavin DeGraw (presumably while drunk) and managed to slice open his hand so bad, he got sent to the ER. And after his more recent interview with Rolling Stone, he seems to, uh, really enjoy drinking! And then he breaks the news with the simple caption: "oops." Yeah, you just ruined the thing you need the most to play guitar - your hand. Oops!

    He also got a flat tire that night, so "epic."


    A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

    And now a flat tyre. This night is epic

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    2. His eardrums are all sorts of screwed up.

    Get this: Ed was born without an eardrum in one of his ears. What? Today's biggest pop star wasn't even born fully-equipped with what most musicians rely on?! And on top of that, he burst his only other eardrum when he was 18 years old. Then six years later, at the age of 24, he burst it again after jumping off of a yacht at too high an altitude. He said he wasn't worried because apparently it's a normal thing - yeah, normal for regular plebeians, not musicians whose entire lives and careers revolve around listening.

    3. Oh no, not his face!

    His face has gotten gashed by a real ceremonial sword in a fake knighting. Yep, that's just about as British as it gets! With the help of James Blunt, Princess Beatrice, and other famous people, Blunt thought it'd be a fun idea to pretend to get knighted (or just regain relevance in the pop world). He got down on one knee, and then Beatrice swung the sword around, which led to her accidentally grazing Ed's face. It resulted in this fine look:

    If only Beatrice could have swung a little higher, Ed could have made this whole thing even more British and use it as an opportunity to go as Harry Potter for Halloween.

    4. That time he almost lost his foot on his 25th birthday.

    While climbing a volcano in Iceland on his 25th birthday last year, Ed accidentally stepped on a geyer which resulted in severe burns, which then required a skin graft. The singer told us all about the gory experience when he was on The Graham Norton show (around the 5:45 mark), explaining that everyone told him not to walk in that area, but of course, he did anyway. He actually thought he was going to die.

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