Tennis Makes Creepy Cool With 'I'm Callin' Video
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    Tennis released a new video for the song "I'm Callin'" from their album Rituals on Repeat, and with Halloween right around the corner, a little creepiness is nothing we can't handle.

    The video begins with Alaina Moore casually finding a severed finger in the leaves with the address 9914 Indiana written on it. In classic horror movie fashion, she rides her bike right on over. Once inside the house, there's a flickering television that shows a man's body on the ground outside, but still she ventures further inside. She meets an old lady labeling VCR tapes "ritual in repeat." She directs Alaina toward the back room of the house, where she finds two clones of herself and a video camera. Since there wasn't an axe murderer waiting for her, I can't blame the trio for breaking out into synchronized dance.

    Despite this video's oddness it's irresistibly cool. The only thing keeping us from screaming out, "DON'T DO IT!" as Alaina opens the door, are Tennis's smooth grooves and catchy hooks.

    As Alaina croons: "Just when I think that you're mine/ You start to slip away/ But your love is divine/ You know I'm coming for you", all questions about the the finger, the old lady, and the are quieted. Ritual in Repeat is available now on Columbia Records.

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