Damien Rice Totally Loses His Shit In 'I Don't Want To Change You' Video
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Lily Trotta

    Damien Rice has just released the music video for, "I Don't Want To Change You," and viewers everywhere are uncomfortable. In the video, our favorite Irishman sings his lovely new single while standing, drenched, on a lakeside dock. Visually, it's reminiscent of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" video, except instead of undressing and lining up knick-knacks on a snowy cliffside, Rice starts to convulse and completely freak out in the middle of a lake.

    Rice is releasing My Favorite Faded Fantasy, his first album in over seven years, this November. If this video is indicative of what he's been creating, then I'm positively stoked.

    See the madness here:

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