American Horror Story Gives Fiona Apple A Freaky Twist
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Lily Trotta

    American Horror Story has been featuring a lot of very strange covers lately. Last week Jessica Lange out-Bowied David Bowie with a really weird version of "Life On Mars?" and last night the madness continued. The show's freak show theme has brought us another musical number, this time a super-creepy cover of Fiona Apple's "Criminal" performed by Sarah Paulson and Sarah Paulson (her character literally has two heads, so I guess they each deserve a credit). Both songs are available for purchase on iTunes.

    It seems as though the spooky songs will continue throughout the season, too. Producer Ryan Murphy hinted at another Jessica Lange cover to come, this time of Lana Del Rey.

    Check out the Sarah Paulsons' version of "Criminal" here:

    And don't miss Jessica Lange's "Life On Mars?" cover:

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