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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2009

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    Happy chilly Friday music lovers! Well the fall is officially here. The weather is getting unbearably cold, the leaves are falling at an exponential rate and it feels like this annoying drizzle could turn to snow flakes at any moment now. Now for the good news. We have a brand new mixtape of wonderful new tracks to warm your rattling bones. We've got Devendra, we've got Sufjan...in short we've got the very best. Oh and we've got The Very Best too! So grab that old afghan from the closet, get comfy and press play. -Greg Lozoff

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    1. Devendra Banhart - "Baby"
    It's been awhile since we've heard anything from the odd, yet always entertaining, Devendra Banhart. Well Natalie Portman's former beau is back at it again, on his latest Baby EP. While the EP is only three songs long it is quite a nice listen, even though Devendra isn't as off the wall as you may be used to. Stay tuned for his next full length, which comes out on October 27th and will be called What Will We Be.

    2. The Very Best - "Warm Heart of Africa" (feat. Ezra Koenig)
    Here's a fun song from another one of those great afro-pop bands that have emerged recently. The Very Best is made up of Malawian singer Eseau Mwamwaya and British duo Radioclit, and they have just released their debut album, entitled Warm Heart of Africa. This song of the same name is featuring a special guest that is no stranger to afro-pop in Vampire Weekend frontman, Ezra Koenig. Half of the song is sung in English and the other half in Chichewa, and while many of us may never get to see Africa for ourselves, these guys bring Africa to us.

    3. Pick A Piper - "Rooms"
    Pick A Piper is a Canadian band made up of some greatly talented musical Canucks. The band features Brad Weber of Caribou, Angus Fraser of Tenth of May, Dan Roberts of Winter Equinox and Clint Scrivener. The music itself can be described as psychedelic tribal rock, with some really crazy trance inducing drumming. We can't wait to hear what these guys will have in store for us on their first LP, when they get around to making it.

    4. Glass Ghost - "Like A Diamond"
    We're not really sure what it is about this track, but there's something about it that makes us want to listen to it over and over again. Perhaps it's the bittersweet quality that comes with the mixture of melancholy instrumentation with singer Eliot Krimsky's sad falsetto. Whatever it is, this track just has us by the heartstrings and we are more than eager to hear what Glass Ghost will have for us on their debut album, Idol Omen, out on October 27.

    5. Build To Spill - "Hindsight"
    Built To Spill's new album is pretty great. We're not really surprised considering their track record, but this one is truly special. Which is pretty impressive considering these guys have been putting out records for nearly twenty years now. You'd think at some point they would slow down but it appears that just isn't in the cards for Doug Martsch and the gang. Here is "Hindsight" from their latest, There Is No Enemy.

    6. Tiesto - "Knock You Out" (feat. Emily Haines)
    The name Tiesto has been bouncing around all over the place these days. In case you haven't heard, Tiesto is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands. He has released 7 albums, toured most of the globe and after all he has done, his latest work is perhaps his best so far. The album is called Kaleidoscope and along with some great tracks by Tiesto alone, he has enlisted some of the hottest names in indie rock to help him out along the way. Artists like Jonsi from Sigur Ros, Kianna Alarid from Tilly and the Wall, Tegan and Sara, Kele Okereke from Bloc Party, and Emily Haines on this irresistible dance track. And that is only to name a few.

    7. The Clientele - "I Wonder Who We Are"
    London, England's The Clientele have just released a brand new album entitled Bonfires on the Heath in follow up to their wonderful 2007 release, God Save The Clientele. Here is the lead track from the album, entitled "I Wonder Who We Are". The song is a dreamy retro-pop gem, with lots of horns and plenty of "ba ba da's". This is just the first of many lovely tracks on what is the perfect album for fall

    8. The Hidden Cameras - "In The NA"
    The Hidden Cameras are an indie pop band from Ontario, Canada led by the eccentric Joel Gibb (no relation to Barry, Robin and Maurice). They have been at it since the early 00s putting out album after album of grandiose and quirky orchestral pop music. On their latest, Origin:Orphan, things feel a little bit more contained than in the past, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. If anything it just makes the music a bit more listenable and, let's face it, extremely likable.

    9. J. Tillman - "Earthly Bodies"
    Here's a mellow folk song by Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman. Drummers often take a back seat in bands but this is simply not the case for J. Tillman as he plays an instrumental role in arranging many of Fleet Foxes' songs. But to truly see what he can do you have to listen to his solo records. In fact, he has already released 7 solo albums. The most recent is called Year In The Kingdom, and on it is where you will find this little folk song.

    10. Sufjan Stevens and Osso - "Year Of The Rat"
    To take us out this week we have a classical remix of Sufjan Stevens' "Year of the Rat" from his 2001 release, Enjoy Your Rabbit. In fact, the entire album was redone by a New York string quartet called Osso with the finished product being called Run Rabbit Run. While this is great and all, it would really be nice if Sufjan would get to work on his next masterpiece wouldn't it? We think so.

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