Baeble First Play: The Atmospheric Shoegaze Hooks of Forebear
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Here's the thing about shoegaze. It doesn't matter how "interesting" or complex the layering of sound and ambience is in your track. If you don't have that hook that transcends the genre...something that can lay its claws into listeners so they're willing to engage with the texture of your material, nobody's going to listen. And from the moment the dramatic strings arrive in "Gnosis," LA shoegaze collective Forebear sunk their claws in me so deep they almost drew blood.

    With a sound that is equal parts Wye Oak, School of Seven Bells, and Beach House, Forebear dip their toes in chamber rock, dream pop, and shoegaze, and submerge the listener in a sound that is all their own. The strings soar and the vocals wrap themselves around you...the vulnerable emotions tightening around you like a vise. Even if you don't run in shoegaze circles, Forebear need to be on your radar.

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