Listen: Majical Clouds 'Your Eyes'
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    Montreal based duo Majical Cloudz have released "Your Eyes," a song that they explain as, "animate relic" of their musical history: they first recorded and started playing the song in 2011 when Majical Cloudz was formed, but they haven't released the recording as a single until just now, in the wake of the whirlwind recognition received through their arena tour as openers for Lorde.

    The band explains; "If you are finding out about us for the first time in the wake of our tour with Lorde, this will take you back to the beginning of our music-making days together. We made this new version just before we left on tour, so in one sense it is old and in another sense it is new."

    Paying homage to fans from their past, who have followed them throughout their career, as well as inviting in new listeners, the romantic and dark, "Your Eyes," is the perfect re-introduction to Majical Cloudz. In a way it's backwards that the duo opens for Lorde, because this experimental, piercing, and oddly beautiful song has a laid back maturity that Lorde's music of yet. Maybe when Lorde is a bit older, more jaded, she'll come up with something with as much depth, truth, and confidence as, "Your Eyes."

    Check it out.

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