'Let's Build A Spaceship' With Skrillex
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Years ago, in Los Angeles, I met a guy named Sonny. He was living in this dinky, kinda weird, low-income, dorm-ish style apartment building called, "The Art Share," and I knew he was involved in music. The next time I saw Sonny was on the cover of Spin magazine going under the name Skrillex. Um yeah.

    Skrillex's rise to EDM world domination was a long time coming, and in the just released Red Bull documentary, Let's Build A Spaceship, fans get an inside look to what it took to produce the massively impressive and stimulating stage show for this past year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Skrillex's Mothership Tour.

    In 36-minutes, Skrillex and his team take you on a ride through the planning, testing, building, and producing with meticulous detail and discerning eyes. You'll also catch a glimpse of Skrillex's musical talent outside the realm of EDM, as well as footage he shot on an old VHS video camera starring himself, friends, fans, and time on the road. The result is one fantastic and jaw dropping spectacle that makes you feel like you're on drugs, even if you're not.

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