Calvin Harris' 'Slow Acid' Motion Picture
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    The fourth single, "Slow Acid," from Calvin Harris' upcoming Motion dropped yesterday, and with it came a music video. A music video that, for the most part, perfectly complements the song's slow-building, portentous synth. It makes perfect sense that a song that sounds like the perfect soundtrack to an early-era William Gibson novel would be paired with an equally grimy music video about a chrome-skinned woman getting drunk and going on a crime spree. It makes a little less sense that the video ends with an extended and goofy solo dance number from the aforementioned metal woman, but until that point it's a fun piece of a short-film that stands well enough even without the backing track.

    Motion drops on November 4th. Until then, those nostalgic for metallic automaton ala Terminator 2, William Gibson stories or, well, Calvin Harris' music just check it out below:

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