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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2009

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    Stars of Track and Field, you mean like the Belle and Sebastian song? Boy I wonder how many times they get that one. The answer is yes, the Portland based trio is indeed named after that catchy little song, but that's about where the story ends, they liked a song, they named the band, let's move on. Though the band released a self-titled debut back in 2003, it wasn't until Wind-Up Records picked them up in 2006 with their sophomore album Centuries Before Love and War that they started to pick up some buzz. However, when I noticed Wind-Up Records my mind went straight to Creed and Evanesce who are indeed their label mates. With a name like that, on a label like that someone's got to be thinking who are these twee as *** Christian goth rockers?

    The trick to understanding Stars of Track and Field is to let go of all that pre-programmed music symbolism and enjoy their surprisingly fresh, multi-layered pop rock. Back in 2005, the bassist Moxley Stratton exited the band, leaving it up to Kaevin Valaba, Jason Bell, and Daniel Orvik to get creative. Instead of hiring a new band member, the remaining guys replaced him with electro-production techniques, which opened their sound up to more electronic elements and influences. Coincidentally, that transition has become one of the most recognizable tenets of their music as well as their use of bittersweet lyrics on top of slow paced instrumentals and anthemic guitar riffs. The band's sound wavers between everything from My Bloody Valentine, retro brit rock, and electro Pink Floyd, with the mainstream flavored gloss of Coldplay and Snow Patrol on top. Stars of Track and Field's third album, A Time For Lions, was released early this September and since the boys have been touring around the US, opening for Lights. Check out our recent show recap of their performance at the Mercury Lounge this past week.- amelia trask

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