Baeble First Play: The Powerhouse Americana Heart Of Kaleigh Baker
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If you name a song "What Would Tom Waits Do" but then make a song that doesn't really sound like anything Tom Waits would ever release, you're telling your audience a little something about yourself. You've got wit and chutzpah to spare. Weary Hours, the new album from Orlando singer-songwriter Kaleigh Baker, is a breathtaking fusion of alternative country, the blues, and 60s Motown soul. With hints of The Lone Bellow, ZZ Ward, Alabama Shakes, and even Darlene Love, Kaleigh Baker displays a breadth of sound and genre without sacrificing an emotional focus that fuels the album.

    We have the exclusive premiere of the stream for Weary Hours, and we couldn't be more pleased. It's not much of a secret that we have a bit of a predilection for Americana music here at Baeble, and Weary Hours is a striking fusion of the best of American for what are the true American genres of music if not country, the blues, and Motown. There's no unnecessary flash. It's a woman with a hell of a voice -- able to switch on a dime from a ferocious growl to a gorgeous croon at will -- guitars and pianos that set the mood of each track and a lyrical wit that acknowledges the well of influences that shaped this album without every ironically winking at the audience.

    Towards the end of the record, there's a track called "Growing Up Is Growing Old." It's a sentiment we all have to deal with. I'm 26, and I struggle with that problem. But there's a note of triumph to the track. Yeah, we have to get old. But what's wrong with that? I think old people tend to forget how miserable being young can be. And, so yeah, maybe things aren't as exciting as when you're young. But at least we can maintain even a modicum of emotional stability. Maybe I'm projecting onto the track, but that's a sign of a great album and a great song. It creates a slate that you can work through the big questions of life on. And with her powerhouse voice, perfectly maintained genre mish-mash, and playful sensibilities, Kaleigh Baker has surely made a great album.

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