An Open Letter To Jamie Woon
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Dear Jamie Woon,

    Where in the world have you been hiding? What have you been working on? 'Cause man...we fell rather hard for your tunes back in 2010. There was just something special about them...something mystical and kind of magical. I mean, listen to this song. It's so smooth, so slick, so...errr, sexy.

    "Night Air" came out right around the same time that James Blake started to do his icy, deconstructed electro-soul thing. We were pretty sure you and Mr. Blake would be leading the charge on this new Northern soul of yours. You released Mirrorwriting. It was fantastic. So we filmed you in Austin...and you were amazing (and so very polite, as we recall)!

    But then, we lost track of you! We were sad! Especially as old JB continued to ping people's radar with his Mercury Prize winning album, Overgrown.

    But today we awoke to GREAT're back! You've got a new album dubbed Making Time coming out next month, which we suppose is some kind of ode to the fact that you've been gone for so long. There's an explanation, apparently. "Each project takes as long as it takes," you said. "It's quite common for me to start a song and then sit on it for 2 years before I finish it." Interesting. Go on. "I used to feel a lot of guilt about how long things take, but I've made peace with that. Part of the reason this record took so long is that I wanted to feel like a new person, releasing a new record."

    Well Mr Woon, we just wanted to let you know that the wait was worth it. Silly us for thinking we might never hear from you again. Your new single "Sharpness" is fabulous. Its vibe is kind of sneaky...I think it's that playful, synthy bass line. And your voice hasn't changed a bit.

    Is this the year you give Blake a run for his money? We think so. We're excited to hear this album, we're excited to be excited about you again.



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