5 Inspired and Recent Covers To Jam To
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    [Ed. Note: Everybody loves a good cover. It's why we get so mad when we hear a bad cover. Don't tackle somebody else's music unless you know that you can do it justice and bring something new to the table. And one of our writers decided to put together a list of his five favorite covers of the last couple years. We think you'll find something to jam to.]

    Coheed and Cambria - "A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours" by The Smiths

    Coheed and Cambria is one of my favorite bands. I've seen them seven times, and one of those times, some buddies and I drove to Vermont to almost not get in (luckily, I diffused the bouncer and we all rocked out). The Smiths are also one of my favorite bands. Claudio Sanchez is an unbelievable writer and vocalist. So is Morrissey; that's a given. To see Claudio sort of step into Morrissey's shoes for a minute? Let's just say I'm a kid in a candy shop.

    Cereus Bright - "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees

    Take out the platform shoes, and tight shiny pants, then add bearded dudes with acoustic guitars. This cover is smooth and sexy. Not much more to say about it besides, ah-ah-ah-ah (it's helping me keep) stayin' alive.

    Hozier - "Problem" by Ariana Grande

    It's interesting to see a pop star [Ed. Note: Is Hozier a pop star? He had a huge hit but I always thought of him as a folk performer] take on a piece by another pop star, but of a completely different realm. Hozier takes this piece to church (I had to) and reduces a lot of the computer-generated sounds by making this piece soulful and his own. The gritty voice of a man singing this song certainly does it justice.

    CHVRCHES - "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake

    Synth-pop queen (and princes) takes on the modern R&B king. I'm a sucker for JT [Ed. Note: As you should be. He could have been the biggest male pop star since Michael Jackson if he hadn't decided to be an actor]. Timbaland does a phenomenal job producing, JT's voice is amazing, and well JT just flat out has style both on and off the track. So props to him and CHVRCHES for doing a good job.

    Arcade Fire - "Motown Philly" by Boys II Men

    Arcade Fire has dominated the indie music scene. Reflektor is a masterpiece. It's ironic to see them cover a funk song considering there are elements of funk in their own music. But their ability to switch genres like this just proves how talented these guys are. So check out Arcade Fire take you to the funky side of town. (P.S. that's a James Brown reference, so Arcade Fire, when you read this, COVER THAT SONG TOO!)

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