Where Would 'Out Of The Woods' Be Without Jack Antonoff
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    Bleachers lead singer, Jack Antonoff, lends his song writing expertise and gorgeous vocals to help guide Swift through the woods.

    Taylor Swift has released another track from her soon to be hit album, 1989 titled "Out of the Woods." The song is about the anxious anticipation of one couple's time together. Swift outlines a series of events where things can take a sharp turn, either dragging a relationship down or making it stronger. Get real: if anyone can spot these signs it's Taylor, the girl who's sworn off boys has racked up one hell of a little black book (get it girl).

    As pop music leans more and more towards EDM, so does Swift. Bleachers lead singer, Jack Antonoff, lends his song writing expertise, as well as his own pipes, to help direct Swift through the proverbial woods. Pun intended, as he's the cowriter of Swift's latest release "Out of the Woods." His voice can be heard in the "ohohooohs" during the chorus, as well as the call and return of "Are we out of the woods?/Are we in the clear yet?" in the grand finale breakdown.

    Produced by Max Martin, "Out of the Woods" contains much more of the synth heavy electrobeats that are expected out of the 80's inspired Bleachers than the country-crossover superstar. Nevertheless, Taylor still maintains the themes that are important to her music, and even when exploring different styles she can still pop out a hit love song.

    Listen to "Out of the Woods" below:

    1989 is due out on via Big Machine on October 27th.

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