Exclusive: Grizfolk Tells Baeble Their Secrets
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Grizfolk is a fucking rad band. The five-piece LA based band has gained major momentum since getting together. Their singles, "The Struggle" and "Hymnals," has received several accolades from major music critics, and it doesn't hurt that Grizfolk was hand picked by their good friends Bastille to be their tour support and play major venues like Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

    Baeble had the chance to throw some questions at the band about tour life, being onstage, and superstitions. Check out what they had to say below.

    Did you ever dream youd be playing a venue like Radio City Music Hall?

    This is a bucket list venue for us all, no doubt. A couple of us have been inside the building before, but had never played there until now. There's definitely a special kind of energy that elevates you a little bit when you're on stage, and these are two nights that we will never forget.

    What is the best advice from another band youve toured with?

    Kyle from Bastille taught us a vocal warm up that is very simple, but effective in keeping your voice in shape. Basically the trick is to do your scales but sing through a drinking straw, which forces you to use the correct technique. So every restaurant or gas station we stop at, we are all looking for straws to hoard.

    Whats your last thought before you walk on-stage?

    Right before we walk on stage, we put our hands together, jump up and down and sing a quick Russian folk song. I don't know how or where we got it from, or if it even is a real song, but it's become a nightly tradition for us.

    Whats your first thought when you see the crowd?
    When I see thousands of eyes on me, my first thought is to check my pants zipper and make sure it's up. Every time.

    Do you do anything out of sheer superstition to make sure you have a good show? Have you ever not done it and had a bad show?

    I don't know about superstition, but I have a daily schedule I like to stick to as best as I can. Hopefully a little exercise in the morning, some stretching, vitamins. A nice long soundcheck. A half hour or so of instrument warmup, twenty minutes of vocal warmups. If I have time for all of those things, then I feel prepared to play.

    Is there anyone in music who/does or would be able to intimidate you if in the same room?

    We love all of Justin Vernon's projects. Bon Iver, Shouting Matches, Volcano Choir. If we were in the same room with him, it would be tough not to feel a little star struck at first.

    What album can immediately transport you to another time?

    I discovered Springsteen's Nebraska when I was about fifteen years old and it forever changed the way I listened to music. I'll never forget how it felt to write my first songs and listening to that album now always reminds me.

    Whats your favorite statement making stage wear?

    On a nightly basis, we all are probably wearing at least one piece of Levi's clothing. They are a brand we all like quite a bit.

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