Watch: Gordon Voidwell
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    If you're looking to funk up your Friday night, boy, do we have a jam for you. Gordon Voidwell's new single, "MalcomXXXMcLaren," is sure to get your booty shaking all the way back to the height of '80s disco fever. But no cocaine this time. Drugs are bad.

    The track features an irresistible hook, Voidwell's shout outs to all players and eccentrics around NYC and the world, with a beat so infectious that it may be dangerous to listen to at work (you may just incite an impromptu dance party). "I've got to change the world," Voidwell sings, and if he keeps making cuts like this, he'll at least change our status from sitting to flailing. The video for the track matches the song's chaotic nature. It's a spastic montage of dancing folks, including Malcolm X himself, cut up to loop some of the freshest moves around and equipped with a trippy delay effect.

    "MalcolmXXXMcLaren" comes off of Voidwell's mixtape of the same name. His upcoming full length debut, Leap Into The Void, is set to drop early in spring of 2012. Check out the video for "MalcomXXXMcLaren" below, or just grab the MP3. Also be sure to check out our exclusive performance of Gordon Voidwell at Brooklyn Bowl.

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