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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2010

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    Our latest concert video comes with a hazy, night vision glow to it. It would seem electro-rock outfit BRAHMS love performing under a cover of darkness...and with good reason. Theirs' is an inebriated sort of sound packaged in nocturnal beats, glassy waves of synths, and unrestrained sing along choruses. It's the kind of sound that makes me suspect that even their 11:30 headlining set at The Northside Festival was a bit too early for their tastes. Nevertheless, the art school electronics the Brooklyn based band filled the cavernous Brooklyn Bowl with drove the mass who had gathered before them mad...a delirious mess of flailing arms, bopping heads, and whatever else was going on in the darkness. Though they might have closed Cantora Bowl with this performance, my guess is BRAHMS only got the evening kicking for the slew who danced their way through this performance. - David Pitz

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    BRAHMS at Brooklyn Bowl

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