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    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2009

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    Ugh, you guys. New Moon not only managed to get ridiculous press from the music community through their stunt of an OST, then they let it leak, and it is actually kind of enjoyable. Now it is streaming for free (and legally) on Myspace. Also the release date was moved from November to a whole lot earlier [via Atlantic Records]. I don't know whether to throw up or get really excited about it (kind of like my first date, so probably both).

    OK, so it is Twilight and we're doing our best to ignore sparkle vampires and werewolves, especially now that True Blood is over and we don't need to worry about the nonsensical world of "Sookies" and people named "Eggs." Even worse than True Blood is a watered down, Tween-targeted movie about a WEREWOLF-VAMPIRE-HUMAN LOVE TRIANGLE! It is like Dracula meets The Wolfman meets My Best Friend's Wedding (probably not at all like this). What is that you say? How do I know the basic premise of New Moon anyway? Um, let's move on.

    Anyway, listen to "Hearing Damage." It is actually kind of cool! The rest of the album has original material by Bon Iver & St. Vincent and Grizzly Bear and Victoria Legrand, and even a remixed track by Muse, who couldn't be bothered to write anything original because they are Muse, and this is a movie about Vampires. But obviously Thom Yorke has a thing for Bela, because he let "15 Step" close out the last movie, and now this. What? I even know character names? Ugh, this isn't working. I'll pass you a note. We are breaking up after social studies.

    Full stream at, link below. -joe puglisi

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    New Moon OST on Myspace

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