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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2008

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    The only rules are...there are no rules. It's the only creed I imagine Icy Demons...a free basing, freak out of a collective hailing from Chicago create their art by. A no limits outfit that packs electronic, funk, hip hop, jazz, lounge, rock, and world music elements into what are ultimately rather cool and carefree compositions, Icy Demons navigate more sonic terrain than Lewis and Clark over the course of this performance at the Knitting Factory. Genre after genre, style after style, sound after sound: it's all hap-hazardly thrown up in the air on a whim. The fun lies in waiting to see where it lands within the confines of their spastic songwriting. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: icy demons:: live @ the knitting factory - new york, ny

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