Bishop Briggs Gets Emotional On New Single 'Dream'
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Hot on the heels of her self-titled EP released earlier this year, Bishop Briggs has issued a new release today in her single "Dream." Bold and ambitious, the song opens with a simple acoustic melody. On top of it, a simple hum that only Briggs could fill out and make sound like a full choir. The instrumentation is additionally superb, as a steady kick drum thumps powerfully like a heartbeat, and a dramatic string flair courses throughout like blood rushing through veins. "Dream" is invigorating, with Briggs' vocals awakening every sense and demanding undivided attention.

    The song itself is almost a religious experience. Bombastic and filled a sense of self-assuredness, "Dream" is a hallelujah, an indie-pop anthem and a declaration. Fitting for a piece that Briggs describes as a confrontation and embrace of fears and challenges.

    "Dream" has been released in anticipation of a full-length to drop sometime in spring 2018. Based off of first impressions with "Dream," the new album should be eagerly awaited.

    Also watch our exclusive interview with Bishop Briggs:

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