The Weeknd's New Video For 'False Alarm' Will Mess You Up
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    The Weeknd is known for graphic music videos. His 2013 video for the song "Pretty" depicts a man walking in on his partner cheating on him and violently gunning her and her lover down, but his latest video for "False Alarm" takes this tone to a new level.

    In the intense new video, we are shown a violent bank robbery from the first person perspective of one of the robbers. The crew of masked individuals kill multiple civilians, take a crying woman hostage, and fire on police officers. As the getaway progresses, more and more of the robbers are killed, and finally only the protagonist and his hostage are left. In a final moment of attempted redemption, the protagonist gravely injures himself to save his hostage, for which she repays him by stealing the money and leaving him, driving him to suicide. This story is scored by the loud, crowded and fast paced song that is "False Alarm." Much like his other videos, this one examines the themes of betrayal, violence, and crime. The first person perspective and extreme violence make the video incredibly visceral, a good pair for the blood pumping single it accompanies.

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