INTERVIEW: Irish Singer-Producer EDEN Talks New EP and North American Tour
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Electronic producer and singer EDEN is a captivating artist whose dark indie pop songs have gained him a constantly growing audience, both in his home country of Ireland and across the world. He has recently caught attention with his newest EP I Think You Think Too Much of Me and the popular videos for his singles from the album "sex" and "drugs." We caught up with Jonathon Ng, the man behind EDEN, while he was on his North American tour and asked him some questions about his creative process, his car troubles on the road, and his newest virtual reality music video for "drugs."

    GABE PAOLETTI: I heard you played violin from a young age. How do you feel your formal musical education has impacted the way you make music?

    JONATHON NG: I would be lying if I said it didn't impact me in any way. I don't write down sheet music when I make music now, but it definitely helped me understand music.

    GP: So from that orchestra-type of music, how did you find your way into the electronic music scene?

    JN: It was kind of a long transition because I've played in some bands with friends from school, nothing hugely serious, and what kind of helped make the leap into electronic music was when it initially started becoming a huge phenomenon - and it is now. I was fed up with how I was writing music with other people, and talking about, you know, "You don't need the rest of the orchestra or the band to make songs," "You can do it all yourself with a laptop," and I don't mean to say anything bad about it, but I'm just a megalomaniac when it comes to writing music.

    GP: From there, when you switched from The Eden Project to EDEN, you had a pretty big stylistic shift as well. What brought that on? Was it just kind of where the music scene was going? Or did you have a specific moment?

    JN: No, it was just definitely where I felt the music was going. I never intended that to be, you know, what I did forever, the music project. That's why I actually have the word 'project' in there. Because growing up I always wrote pop songs and when I started making music on a laptop it was very, very EDM. Very dance music. The more I got comfortable making music that way, the more it turned back into pop music. And luckily most people were on board with that. Which is amazing.

    GP: You've also had a bunch of collaborations with the New York-based producer Puppet. How did you guys link up?

    JN: The funny thing about that was we both started creating -- or making electronic music -- at the same time. We both joined the same Internet forum for music producers so he could send people your tracks and they'll give you feedback like they're impressed or "this was too loud" or things like that. We met through that and just became really good friends because I guess we were just there at the same place at the same time.

    GP: One of things that I think has gotten you a lot of attention has been your covers of older pop songs with this more modern style. Where did you get the inspiration for that?

    JN: They're all just songs that I loved growing up. Michael Jackson was a huge part -- I'd just listen to his music non-stop almost and "Billie Jean" was the song I'd always sing and play on piano. I just had to do it. And then so it was kind of the same where I would take songs that I really like and sing them in my own way I guess. It was conscious like, "I like this song so I'm gonna sing it."

    GP: How has your North American tour been going? I saw on Twitter you guys had a little bit of trouble with your van going around.

    JN: All of the shows have been so much fun. Really, I couldn't ask for more on that side of things - it's been an absolute blast so far and the people I'm working and traveling with are amazing. The van on the other hand has been problematic, I think it broke down five times in the first two weeks?

    GP: Oh my god.

    JN: It got to the point where the company we rented the van from literally drove us a new van because there was no point continuing to repair this thing that kept breaking down.

    GP: Has there been anywhere you visited so far that you got a reception you didn't expect? That people were really into it and you didn't think you had many fans in this area?

    JN: Yeah, most places honestly. It kind of blows my mind that I can turn up to some place that I've never been and there's like a couple hundred people who're there, who's paid money to see me sing and play some songs... it's kind of crazy. What was really mad was that some friends back home from Dublin who are studying in the University of Texas, I think in Austin, and they were at the show. And then spotting them in the crowd with hundreds of strangers, it really drove it home. Being in a place that I've never been and the shows I'm playing are pretty amazing.

    Check out EDEN's newest EP I Think You Think Too Much of Me out now. See the rest of his upcoming tour dates HERE!

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