Foxygen's Newest Single Marries Orchestral Music and 70s Art-Pop
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    After declaring their final tour in 2015, Foxygen is back with new music with their single "America." The California indie rock duo plays with a number of older sounds on this newest song, from the Young Americans-era David Bowie impression on the first verse to the orchestral cinematic music to the swing jazz bridge that appears in the middle of the song.

    Foxygen has never been shy about wearing their influences, including artists like The Rolling Stones and The Zombies, on their sleeves, and this song is no different. However by playing with various genres and eras of music, they create a truly unique song. This is complimented by their shift to more heavily produced music and grand, epic lyrics. This single comes on the heels of a teaser trailer (below) for the song, featuring Sam France running around Paris in a Bowie-inspired look, and an announcement that the band will play the upcoming Desert Daze festival, so expect more music from them in the near future.

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