Nickelback Thanks Haters For Keeping Them Relevant
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Last week Londoner Craig Mandell launched a Tilt campaign designed to prevent Nickelback from ever performing again in the UK. Different donation packages can be purchased dictating the severity with which Mandell will reach out to the band's management in the donor's name. Mandell's campaign promises to donate all funds raised by the campaign to an undisclosed charity. Chad Kroeger's response? "I love it."

    In an interview with The Pulse Of Radio, Chad Kroeger pretty much LOL'd at the Tilt campaign. "More controversy that surrounds either myself, my personal life, the band, whatever I think it's hilarious," he said. "All these critics, they're just tireless. They keep ragging on the band. If they had stopped writing all this stuff about us, there would be no controversy left in the band and we probably would have died out years ago. They don't know that they're still responsible for us being around today."

    In response to Kroeger's response, Mandell updated the campaign page:

    Trying to attract Nickelback fans is the flimsy icing on the half-baked cake. It's a nice gesture Mandell, everyone loves a good Nickel-bash, and U2 definitely needed a break from the red hot hate spotlight, but it's over. You got to send one email brimming with $50 worth of hatorade, but after getting laughed at by a dude who still has frosted tips, your cred is pretty shot.

    Nickelback will release their next album No Fixed Address on November 3rd.
    Craig Mandell's campaign has until November 3rd to reach it's arbitrary $1,000 goal.
    May the best—or worst, I really don't care—man win.

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