Miley Cyrus Has Now Labeled Herself 'Crazy'
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    It disgusts me that it's always been the rock-star fashion to describe oneself as "insane" or "weird" or "crazy" (or god forbid "random." Ugh.) These words have become fashionable to the point of banality. They're the bumper stickers of the music world, the idea that you can buy your personality with labels; any performer who goes and describes themselves with any variation of "crazy" is as boring as a box of rocks.

    And, well, wouldn't you know it, Miley Cyrus, probably the most boring pop-star alive, recently described herself as "crazy" in an interview with Channel Seven Sunrise hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage. What, exactly, distinguishes her as crazy? Her reasons are, as you might guess, less than clear. Something to do with how her predictable, calculatedly "shocking" stage presence is at odds with her polite private demeanor, something to do with how she, "treats people at the bottom of the list much better than people at the top" (despite saying just before this that she "treats everybody the same").

    There's nothing odd about that, though, and the fact that she's so quick to draw attention to her supposedly egalitarian behavior is a nasty little bit of manipulation that turns these so-called bottom-dwellers into just another set of bricks for Ms. Cyrus to build her reputation by. Condescending, self-aggrandizing and trite all in one breath, Ms. Cyrus is the bottom of the list.

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