album review: magic kids
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2010

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    Memphis follows Magic Kids' release of their 7-inch, "Hey Boy", and with their simple 50s chord progressions providing a foundation for a myriad of elements, including prominent horns; strings, synthesizers, and tympanis, their undeniably sunny surf pop leaves little to be desired. The band, born out of Bennett Foster's vocals and Will McElroy's keys as well as various stand in performances by the other "Kids" in their previous group Barbaras, have spun into their own identity since they gained popularity in the Memphis music scene. Think: those cool guys from the movie That Thing You Do! hopped out of your TV screen and had a jam sesh with Surfer Blood and a slightly less moody version of Beach House, and you've got Magic Kids.

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    MP3: "Superball"
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