The 11 Best Songs by Baths
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Baths, aka Will Wiesenfeld, is an indie electronic artist based out of Los Angeles. He has a couple of side projects like Geotic and [Post-Foetus], but he really made his way under the moniker Baths with his distinctive sound. He recently began teasing his first album in four years, Romaplasm, which is set for release on November 17th. So far he has released two singles from it: "Out" and "Yeoman." His recent resurfacing made us think about the rest of his songs - sure, he doesn't have the largest discography yet, but he does have plenty of fantastic songs. Here are our favorites.

    11. "Seaside Town"

    With the "we can see the ocean from here!" sample, "Seaside Town" feels more like an surreal interlude rather than an actual song. With flute-like instruments and wisps of air, it takes us into another world.

    10. "Rain Smell"

    Continuing with the theme of taking the listener into his world, this time, with actual rain sounds, Wiesenfeld is taking us to a nostalgic, rain-soaked place. You can almost actually smell the rain. (It's also hella relaxing.)

    9. "Voyeur"

    Another one of his more relaxing songs, "Voyeur" is a cut off of his 2014 EP Ocean Death. The EP sounded more different from his other two albums, but still just as good.

    8. "No Past Lives"

    Off of 2014's Obsidian, this song features gorgeous piano and scratchy effects.

    7. "Heart"

    Okay, so the actual title of this song is a heart emoji type of thing, but that doesn't matter. What matters the most is the incredible emotion Wiesenfeld conveys through the glitchy percussion and singing.

    6. "Ironworks"

    This one is just pure art…C'mon.

    5. "Lovely Bloodflow"

    A cut off of his 2010 album Cerulean. I believe the main lyrics are "rustle these leaves… ruffle these feathers." How could you not love that?

    4. "You're My Excuse To Travel"

    This track is so dynamic and rhythmic, and Wiesenfeld's roaring screams are so much fun.

    3. "Yeoman"

    This is the lead single off of Baths' newest album and it sounds like typical Baths but with even clearer pop sensibilities. Bubbly synths and playful lyrics make for a super refreshing listen.

    2. "Worsening"

    Way sadder than "Yeoman," "Worsening" has a super creepy vibe to it along with creepy lyrics… But it's so damn beautiful.

    1. "Miasma Sky"

    Also off of Obsidian, "Miasma Sky" perfectly encompasses everything that Baths does with his music. The lyrics are sad, there's some rain effects and gorgeous piano, but it's also danceable, with churning synths and an awesome bass line that will be stuck in your head all day.

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