NOW PLAYING: The Writer's Block with Sofi Tukker
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    You probably haven't heard an artist that sounds like Sofi Tukker before. They are a bit of a sonically strange musical pairing; one half is Tucker Halpern, who provides club-ish beats and bass and the other half is Sophie Hawley-Weld, who provides lead vocals and guitar. The two first met in their senior year at Brown University, "she was doing an acoustic thing for an art gallery and I was DJing after her and I thought one of her songs was really amazing but really slow and boring… I was like ‘what if we made this dancey' and then we started collaborating and just worked together ever since," Halpern shared. And now here they are, making eccentric jungle-pop songs laced with the beautiful Portuguese language that has earned them ad placements with Apple and Grammy nominations.

    After performing three room-rumbling songs for us, "Johny," "Déjà Vu Affair," and "Drinkee," playing with the camera and exuberating an undeniable chemistry, the two sat down to talk to us about the huge instrument/stage prop they brought along with them, called "The Book Tree." It's basically a ring of synth pads covered with book covers, on a giant pole, made to look like a tree. Get it? Halpern explained, "my side is all giraffes ‘cause I'm a giraffe and Sophie wanted to be a puma - not sure if she really is a puma as much as I am a giraffe --" and then Hawley-Weld cut him off saying, "what animal would I be… if you could choose?" Halpern's answer, with much hesitation, "an anteater." Maybe some would get offended by that, but the two have a very special relationship where anything can be said, and it was entertaining to say the least (and also heartwarming!).

    I finished the interview by acknowledging that this is one of the most unique things we've ever done, which Halpern said in return, "you can say weird, that's fine." That pretty much sums up Sofi Tukker in all of their free-spirited glory.

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