Why We Need to Stop Saying 'Music is Dead'
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Amy Tang

    "Hello, Goodbye" by The Beatles comes on and you find yourself bobbing your head to Paul McCartney's cheery voice and the steady upbeat tempo of the song. It's notably an awesome classic. The song transitions and you're hoping the next one will be something equivalent. But frankly, it's not. It's something you've never heard before. The melody's a little off, the emotion isn't there, and the lyrics seem to be... well... different. Nothing like the "good old days," that's for sure.

    Every once in awhile I'll happen to eavesdrop in on someone bashing a specific song or genre, most recently being Justin Bieber's "Cold Water," for example. I'll go ahead and say that there have been multiple occasions where I've felt as if a particular genre of music shouldn't be publicly streamed, that they "shouldn't exist." Everyone has their own perspectives. However, if there's one thing you shouldn't do, it's to never lose your faith in music, no matter what the circumstances.

    Remember that more music is being produced today than any other time period in history, resulting in more talented musicians, singers, and songwriters to contribute to the music industry. Sure, there's more bad stuff to sift through, but with that also comes more good stuff. The Weeknd? Sia? Ariana Grande? They're amazing artists who are yes, are more mainstream pop, but also all have impeccable voices and talent. Whether you see it or not.

    While the classics are definitely a hit, each new musical contribution provides new forms and techniques to revel in, more theories and technologies to question and become accustomed to, and more people to become aware of. The only thing is that there are too many songs to track and listen to, too many songs where it's impossible to track and listen to. It's incredibly unfortunate yet astonishingly wonderful all at the same time. And that's because in addition to the great pieces of music, the music industry has also built a layer of ridiculous music around the "good" music.

    It shouldn't be a problem, though. In fact, it leaves room for all music-lovers to tackle the challenge of taking up the journey to search for those amazing pieces of music that often break-through the layer of "trash" that litters the music industry.

    You're probably wondering if all that searching would be worth it. And is it? YES! Maybe you're not a huge fan of Justin Bieber. Maybe that new indie song that everyone is talking about gets on your nerves. But if you look closer, you'll realize that music is continuously transforming itself in indescribable ways. Just because it's different and uses more synths or samples doesn't mean it is not good. And just because you aren't a fan of it, doesn't mean all music is dead.

    The music industry is filled with spectacular and mind-blowing music. But as I've said before, many of it will not be heard -- so don't give up on music. Rather, take on that challenge to discover where the "good" music lies... It hasn't disappeared.

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