Sunflower Bean Delivers Wild Performance at the Music Hall of Williamsburg
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Amy Tang

    Brooklyn-based rock band Sunflower Bean stopped and blessed us at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last Friday night on the third stop of their final Human Ceremony North American tour, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be there.

    Arriving at the venue fifteen minutes before the show, I made my way into the red-illuminated concert hall and snagged a spot close to the front of the stage. I immediately noticed the variety of age groups peppering the audience. From college students, to middle-aged men and women, and even an older couple dressed in 80s new wave attire, Sunflower Bean definitely drew in a large and unique crowd.


    The show opened up with incredible performances by the Brooklyn-based B Boys and followed with The Lemon Twigs, each band delivering waves of energy, amping up the crowd. After a small break, the lights began dimming, sending the crowd into a frenzy with rounds of cheers and whistling. In no time, the trio stepped out onto the stage. Red, blue, and white lights flashed incessantly over the music hall adding to the madness. Calm and collected amidst the mania, lead singer/bassist Julia Cumming, lead guitarist Nick Kivlen, and drummer Jacob Faber went into their first song off their latest album Human Ceremony with, you guessed it, "Human Ceremony."


    Clad in a "Your City is For Sale" t-shirt over a black, velvet bell-sleeved dress, Cummings showed off her magical vocals and insane bass skills while Kivlen rocked out on his guitar. Cummings and Kivlen would alternate vocals providing a perfect balance between her dreamy voice and his sharp vocals. The crowd immediately began bobbing their heads, tapping their feet to the music, and singing along with dedication to the psychedelic rock music. They followed up with highlights from the album including "This Kind of Feeling," "Tame Impala," "Come On," "I Was Home," and my personal favorites "Wall Watcher" and "Space Exploration Disaster."


    By the fifth song, Sunflower Bean had everyone on the floor head-banging, moshing, and even prompting multiple people to crowd-surf. Cummings also shed her t-shirt to reveal her 90s velvet dress in its entirety and jumped into the crowd, bouncing with the audience. The band's energy was just incredible. It's easy to forget they're young when they sound and act professionally.


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