BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Alabastard' by King Neptune
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Kevin Labeck]

    King Neptune, the brain child of New York singer-songwriter Ian Kenny, is gearing up to release his EP A Place To Rest My Head on October 14th. And before that, he is releasing a track off of the EP, "Alabastard," which we have the exclusive premiere of today.

    What's so ear-catching about this track is the evidently high energy in both the music and Kenny's vocals. It has an angsty, slightly nostalgic presence but somehow still sounds upbeat and fresh. Kenny elaborates more on this, "'alabastard' is about a posthumous conversation with my grave - it's somewhat of a title track for the EP. Overall, 'alabastard' is about looking back at your life and coming to terms with how things have panned out based on a combination of the decisions you had made and the people you had surrounded yourself with. I love how up-beat and bright the tune is yet the lyrics are self-reflective and brutal. The mighty talented Dan Gluszak mixed this track and it's another one that I don't think could have turned out better. Dan completely nailed this mix, and I am so happy to have his mark on this project."

    King Neptune also has an upcoming show at The Footlight in Ridgewood, NY on October 16th.


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