Watch: Kanye West At Occupy Wall Street
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    So you've jut come off a wildly successful album that boasts about your excessive accessories, money, and fame. What are you going to do next? Go to Disneyland? Have yacht races in the Caribbean? Or maybe re-do your jacuzzi to have it encrusted in gold? Instead of any of those things, rapper and fish stick enthusiast Kanye West (along with Russel Simmons) chose to visit the Occupy Wall Street Protests. You know, that one that abhors extravagant amounts of greed and excess. West let Simmons do his talking for him. 'Ye just stands there and looks like a child that was dragged there against his will as some sort of punishment.

    West's visit to the protests comes after recent visits from Jeff Mangum and Talib Kweli, who both gave performances and spoke to the crowd. "Kanye's been a big supporter, spiritually for this movement. He's just here to stand with the people," Simmons said. The verdict is still out on whether or not Kanye plans on giving up some of his wealth (or even a verse!) in support of the cause. Can't tell us nothin', apparently. Check out the video below.

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