New Music Video: Nas
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    Thank Biggie we've still got a rapper like Nas, spitting faster and better than any of those computerized auto-tune slinging rappers. Check below for the video for "Nasty", the first single off his upcoming Life is Good album, as we wait anxiously for a release date to be announced.

    The video's pace is rapidfire, beginning with Nas smoking cigars with fawning models in his limo, living in the lap of luxury. Trolling through the streets of Queensbridge, catch as the limo glides between two ice cream trucks. He pulls up to his neighborhood like a king, shedding his furs and bling to everyone he knows on the streets. Stone-faced stomping the pavement, he harasses the listener and makes his way to a friend's apartment/studio. His tough talking is dirty and delicious against a huge concrete beat, quick enough so that Nas' rhyme is forced to flow, and flexible for the lyrical grime to settle. The beat drops out entirely for a few seconds. Nas raps atop nothing almost as if he didn't notice—everyone knows he can keep up. Check it:

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